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DUI And Criminal Defense Attorneys


Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Trombold Is Top Rated By His Peers

"Seattle's Best Criminal Defense Attorney"

"Brilliant lawyer, pleasure to work with. I got a great outcome at an unexpected speed" - Vic

Facing a criminal charge can ruin your life unless you get the right help from the right criminal defense attorney.  Kevin Trombold and his criminal defense staff work hard and fast to investigate and solve clients problems.  With over twenty years of experience and a respected reputation amongst judges, prosecutors, and peers, Kevin Trombold  and his staff win great results including not guilty verdicts, dismissals, and reduced charges.

Your anxiety will be reduced when you meet Kevin and start working on your case, which is free for the first hour.  Kevin will explain whats happening to you and your life and show you the options to get you out of the criminal court system.  Relief will come when you are able to know more.  Returning to your life will be possible knowing that we are gathering information and negotiating your case.  Over twenty years of representing accused people has taught us how to stand between our clients and the system that prosecutes them.

A writer and speaker and member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Kevin Trombold has successfully represented thousands of people for all kinds of criminal charges from Driving Under the Influence (DUI) to Domestic Violence Murder.

Time is important.  The adversarial process begins when the police arrive.  Call for a free consultation before the situation gets worse.

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Questions you have never faced race through your mind.  Will the police show up at work to arrest me?  Will I be able to return to my house?  What property should I bring with me when I leave the house?  How do I arrange my affairs?  Who will pay the bills?  You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through one of the most stressful moments of your life.

Kevin Trombold is highly rated by organizations that evaluate attorneys including:

Highly Rated By Peers

AV Preminent  (the highest rating possible) - Martindale Hubble

Lead Counsel Rated

Lead Counsel Rated - LawInfo

10/10 Superb Attorney  - Avvo

Top 100 Trial Lawyer - National Trial Lawyers Association

Top Trial Attorney

Nobody knows better what an experienced, hard working Seattle criminal defense attorney like Kevin Trombold can do than past clients.  Kevin has be been helping people who face criminal charges in Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma and throughout Washington State for more than twenty years.  His past clients love him.  Hear what they say.


  • “Thank you so much for everything you did for me! I am so grateful to your for your legal expertise, kindness, generosity and respect. It was very obvious that you are extremely respected by all.” - C.H.

  • “Thanks again for all your assistance, you did more than my expectations. I think I'll be able to keep my job, and for that I owe you everything.” - A Local Firefighter

  • “Going through the court system can be so confusing and maddening. I don't know what would have happened if I had another lawyer. Kevin was always available to answer my questions, no matter how paranoid or irrational. He truly cares and is the best in Seattle.” - A.B.

  • “Thank you for all that you did for my family and me. There is nothing you can say about the support you gave us.” - B.H.

  • “MOST TRUSTWORTHY AND RESPECTEDLAWYER!!!!! Kevin has taken care of many of my criminal cases, starting from a Negligent Driving to Reckless to DWI. I worked with other lawyers, actually 7 to be exact, and no one even comes close to Kevin's expertise. He worked and works very hard in order to get a ticket dismissed or reduced the least to say. He has been a very thorough and very knowledgeable attorney. He has dismissed and/or reduced all of the the cases in which I hired him to represent me! He is the Best! The Only Attorney I would hire to represent me in any criminal court. He has done a superb job, and I am very happy to have such an understandable at the same time aggressive lawyer that will do everything in his power to help you!” -A.C.

  • “While my traffic case was minor, I didn't want to go it alone. My friend recommended Kevin to me. From the first phone conversation til it was resolved, Kevin and his team were pure perfection! This is the team you want on your side. Period.”  -K.M.

  • “Superstar DUI lawyer! I had never had any sort of dealings with the law before I was arrested for DUI. I blew over twice the legal limit at the police station and basically thought my life was screwed up for good. I called a few lawyers and told them my situation, the response i got was consistently something to the effect of, “The blood alcohol level in your case is just too high, you're just going to have to take a DUI, sorry.”. I was about to accept my fate, but then i had a stroke of luck, I found Kevin.

I called him up and talked about my situation, he literally laughed when I told him what the other lawyers had said, incredulous that they could be so bad. Right then I knew that he was different than the others, a cut above the rest. I could tell that he knew everything there was to know about fighting a DUI. So I went with him, and I have never been more happy about a decision in my life. The first court date was nerve wracking, sitting in a courtroom on a cold wooden bench with a bunch of other people in similar situations. Kevin was smooth, intelligent, and confident, smiling and joking with the prosecution, they smiled and laughed back, you could tell they knew him and respected him. Even the judge cracked a few jokes with him.

Kevin was able to get my breath test completely thrown out, I am still not sure how on earth he did this, as everything was done by the book at the police station…. it was some kind of technicality, I think. The prosecution ended up offering us a deal for a reduced charge; reckless driving, and couple days work release jail, in a jail of my choice, plus a couple days on a public work crew, and a fine. This alone would have been an amazing result, considering my BAC. Kevin was able to get this reduced even further!! I ended up with a slap on the wrist; Reckless driving (30 day license suspension) with 3 days electronic in home monitoring, a $300 fine and some various counseling sessions, that's it! And he was able to get the judge to give me a 24 month deferred sentence, which means its completely off my record in 2 years if i stay out of trouble, piece of cake!

Lets review:

-Without Kevin: DUI permanently on my record, up to 364 days in jail and a $5000 fine. Huge license suspension.

-With Kevin: Reckless driving, $300 fine, 3 days hanging out at home with an ankle bracelet, 30 day license suspension, attend some counseling sessions.

This guy is the best DUI lawyer around, period. He's the guy that will use every ounce of his abilities to get you out of the hole that you're in. He knows every nuance, loophole, nook and cranny there is to know about DUI law. I had such immense piece of mind just knowing that he was fighting for me, and now that its over, a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders because of the AMAZING ruling that he was able to get me. 5 stars all around, recommend to everyone facing DUI in the Seattle area. If you don't get a good result with Kevin, you just plain wouldn't have gotten a good results anywhere else, there is nobody better."               -A.D.

  • “I really appreciate your time and dedication of getting my case reduced to a lesser charge. I can now continue on with my career. Thank you.”  -Danielle

Criminal defendants with experienced criminal defense attorneys who possess enthusiasm, wisdom, and an intellectual curiousity deliver results to clients.  Knowing how to navigate the hallways of the court house allows good attorneys to apply their skills.  Kevin Trombold has this experience.

Known in his field as a top criminal defense attorney, Kevin has the respect of judges and prosecutors.  He is a regular speaker at lawyer trainings and helps train other lawyers.  Kevin has been advocating for and defending people allowing them to hold their life together for more than twenty years.

Here are some of Kevin Trombold's success stories.

Recent Case Results

  • Outcome:  Resisting Arrest charge dismissed, DUI reduced to Reckless Driving with no jail and community service credit for all fines. Description:  Tom was charged with DUI and Resisting Arrest after a collision with another car.  The officer took him down to the ground when Tom walked away and ... Read On

  • Outcome:  DUI reduced to Negligent Driving First Degree - No Jail.  DISMISSAL in 24 months. According to the WSP trooper's police report, Alice was stopped for speeding - roughly five to ten mph over. She allegedly failed to adequately perform the field tests.  The trooper noted all the typical signs and symptoms of alcohol i... Read On

  • Outcome:  DUI charge found NOT GUILTY at jury trial. A Bystander reported Bob staggering into his vehicle in the Freemont neighborhood of Seattle. A Seattle Police Department Parking Enforcement officer was alerted and radioed a D.U.I officer. Upon arrival the DUI squad officer saw Bob vomiting outside his driver’s door while the cars engine was running. The D.U.I Officer arrested ... Read On

Kevin Trombold enjoys his job.  As he says it, "its the best job in the world."  He loves getting up every day knowing that he will be advocating for real people with real problems in a compelling field.  After more than two decades he talks as though its his first year.  In fact, after contributing to several books and numerous articles, speaking at numerous legal conferences, and representing thousands of clients, he still gets exited to write a blog about current issues that interest other lawyers and clients alike.  See the blogs to the right.

Learn more about DUIs and Domestic Violence Crimes at:

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