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We are experienced and  successful domestic violence attorneys who have argued hundreds and hundreds of cases in Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma, Washington.

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Kevin Trombold knows that many people are wrongly accused and that good people sometimes make mistakes. Fear, uncertainty, and embarrassment often lead the best defendants to accept the harshest punishment when they try to handle things on their own. You deserve a knowledgeable, determined, level-headed advocate on your side. Kevin will guide you toward the best possible outcome so that you can get through this tough time and move on with your life.

Being accused of any crime in Washington can feel like the whole world is against you.  You need a strong advocate on your side. Suffering the accusation may possibly be the most stressful and terrifying event of a lifetime.

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The arrest can bring humiliation in your neighborhood, at the roadside, at the police precinct, and in the courtroom. Incarceration can, for some, result in loss of employment.  The threat of a jail or prison sentence raises nightmarish concerns about personal safety.

And a conviction for some crimes can create a permanent criminal record following a person for the rest of his or her life and exclusion from Canada.

Kevin Trombold is a Seattle attorney who has been traveling the entire State of Washington defending people just like you for over twenty years.  He has successfully obtained not guilty verdicts, dismissals, and reduced charges for his clients quickly, and quietly.

Kevin has seen many people wrongly accused and also know that good people sometimes make mistakes. When he takes a case, he always invests the time to fully understand his client's goals and interests so that he can lead them through the maze of the Washington criminal courts to a successful resolution. Sometimes that has meant winning a Not Guilty verdict from a jury and other times that has meant a plea to a lesser charge. In some cases, his skillful negotiations outside the courtroom have led prosecutors to drop charges altogether.

Criminal Case Outcomes

Whatever the course of your case, Kevin will make sure that you are informed and in control of all decisions made in your case. Kevin has brought success to numerous people in the Greater Seattle area.  At one two year mark, eighty-eight percent of The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold's clients had won reduced charges.

Native to the Seattle area and with experience in courts throughout Washington State including King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County you will have the benefit of an experienced attorney familiar with the court where your case will be heard.

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