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Have You Been Charged With…


A DUI arrest can result in loss of license, hefty fines and even jail time. Let us create a custom DUI defense strategy for you!


Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence charges damage your reputation & cost you time with family.  We’ll create a custom defense strategy.


Sex Crimes?

A sex crime accusation can be devastating. Let us create a custom defense strategy today to restore your good name.



Seattle area residents and visitors charged with a crime will need the help of a Seattle criminal defense attorney who has a record of winning similar cases and successfully guiding clients through the often-baffling Washington criminal justice system. Kevin Trombold and his criminal defense staff work quickly and thoroughly to investigate criminal cases and to protect and defend clients. Don’t risk your freedom and resources with an untested attorney. With more than twenty years of experience and a reputation for excellence recognized by judges, prosecutors, and his peers, Kevin Trombold and his staff consistently win not guilty verdicts, dismissals, and reduced charges for clients.


A criminal conviction can destroy your freedom and your future and devastate your family. If you are charged with a crime – whether rightly or wrongly – you will need an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and defend you against the charge. Attorney Kevin Trombold has represented hundreds of defendants facing criminal charges in Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and across the state of Washington. If you are charged with driving under the influence, domestic violence, a theft or robbery, a drug crime, or a weapons crime in the Seattle area, contact the Law Offices of Kevin Trombold as quickly as possible. Attorney Kevin Trombold understands from experience that good people make mistakes, and he offers the sound advice and aggressive defense representation those people need. He is committed to communicating candidly and clearly with clients and bringing each client’s case to its best possible conclusion.


Kevin Trombold serves the Seattle area with a spirit of service to the community through his diligent work for clients throughout the state of Washington. If you are arrested and charged with a crime, don’t plead guilty, and don’t try to act as your own attorney. Far too much is at risk. Instead, contact the Law Offices of Kevin Trombold by calling 206-382-9200 as quickly as possible for a no-cost initial consultation.


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Here are some of Kevin Trombold’s case results.

Below are are just a few examples of our how we’ve fought for justice and prevailed.

Assault Charges Dropped

An Assault and Harassment case was a strange one. Kevin was able to go to [...]

DUI Charges Dismissed

A DUI case Kevin got re-sentenced was from a 2009 case that had to be [...]

Domestic Dispute Exonerated

A domestic violence assault case between a child and step-parent. Kevin worked in depth with [...]

Prosecutor Drops Domestic Violence Charges

A domestic violence assault between two housemates. The two argued with a couple other people [...]

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