The Kevin Trombold Law Scholarship – $500

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New 2017 Scholarship Opportunity!

Proudly offered to you by The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold

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The $500 Kevin Trombold Scholarship was established by a successful Seattle WA criminal law attorney who wants to help qualified college students to further their college education. Mr. Trombold understands that paying for college is a big challenge in the 21st century, and he is pleased to offer this annual $500 scholarship each spring.

Are you a highly motivated high school or college student? Then this $500 scholarship could be a great fit for you! This award is available to current high school students, current college students and students who may be transferring to another university. We welcome any major, and encourage applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds and minority candidates to apply. We strongly believe that disadvantaged socioeconomic status should never be an obstacle to completing a college education!

In the words of scholarship co-founder Kevin Trombold, “Getting a quality education is the surest way to live a productive and rewarding life, and I am honored to offer this $500 scholarship to the selected winner.”

No Fee To Apply!

Scholarship  Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applications from current high school and college students who meet these criteria:

  • You are a US citizen or US permanent resident.
  • You are between 17-50 years old.
  • You are a current high school or college student who is or will attend college full or part time.
  • You have an active email address.

Scholarship Essay Topics

All applicants for the Kevin Trombold $500 Scholarship must write a clear and concise essay about one of the following topics:

  • What was the bravest moment of your life?
  • If you had an hour left on the planet, what would you do?
  • What is something you love to make?
  • What is the worst thing that someone ever said to you?
  • If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

Essay Submission Instructions

For your essay submission to be considered, it should follow these guidelines:

  • Be 1,000 to 3,000 words
  • Be typed and single-spaced in a Microsoft Word document
  • Contain no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Be 100% unique and by you

Video Essay Alternative

You also may submit a video essay that is 3-10 minutes long. Please have your full name in the title or file name, and email the video link to the submission email address below. Audio and video quality is an important component of your video submission.
Students looking for scholarship opportunites

How to Apply

  1. Please review the scholarship eligibility criteria.
  2. Select an essay topic.
  3. Finish your written or video submission.
  4. Follow the submission guidelines carefully.
  5. Submit your essay or video.
  6. Share your application submission on your social media profiles.
  7. Watch your email inbox for announcements for the winner.
  8. Please send your submission to this email address: [email protected]
  9. Your application submission must include your name, age, phone number, and your city and state of residence.

Selection Process

The winner of this $500 scholarship will be chosen within seven days of the closing of the application period. We will inform the winner by email.


Receiving this $500 award is a major accomplishment, and we will prominently promote your award on our corporate website with your name, photo, and bio.

We encourage you to make the most of this announcement on our website. It is a major honor and achievement to receive this scholarship, and it is something that can make your resume, and future college and job applications stand out.

Having concrete awards and scholarships can open doors for you later in life! You can also share the link on your Facebook page, include it on your resume and even include it on future job applications.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Submissions for the Kevin Trombold $500 scholarship will be accepted till June 1st, 2017.

Do you need more information about this scholarship, or do you still have questions? Please send an email to [email protected] Please use this subject line: “Kevin Trombold Scholarship Inquiry.” We look forward to your inquiries and thank you for your interest!

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How will I know if I won the scholarship?
The scholarship winner will be sent an email to the same address they used to apply. Add [email protected] to your Safe Senders List to guarantee our emails are sent directly to your inbox instead of the spam folder.

2. Do I have to pay a fee to submit my application?
No. This is a free college scholarship.

3. Can I call to follow up on the status of my application?
No. All questions and comments must be sent via email to [email protected]

4. Will my essay still be judged if I have a low GPA?
Yes. We do not have a GPA requirement to win this scholarship. Once your essay is received, we will determine if you qualify for the scholarship before your entire application is evaluated.

5. Does this scholarship require an interview?
No. To apply for this scholarship opportunity, you must complete your essay according to the guidelines and send it before the deadline to be considered for the award.

If you have any additional questions, e-mail them to: [email protected] with the subject “Kevin Trombold Scholarship Inquiry.”