Should Domestic Abusers Have Access To Guns?

In Maine in 2009, Stephen Voisine was arrested for shooting a bald eagle. Six years earlier, Voisine had been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor charge after slapping his girlfriend. Two years later, Voisine was convicted of assaulting her again, and as a result, he was not legally allowed to own a gun in the [...]

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Are Innocent People Actually Framed For Crimes?

Can an innocent person really be set up or “framed” and sent to prison – for years – for a crime that he or she did not commit? Criminal defense attorneys say “yes.” In fact, in 2016, one spectacular story about a man who is possibly being framed for murder in Wisconsin is setting the [...]

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DUI, The Super Bowl, Seattle, And You

Additional law enforcement officers will be patrolling Seattle-area streets and highways looking for impaired drivers on Super Bowl Sunday. Historically, Super Bowl Sunday has been a dangerous time on Washington’s streets and highways due to the high number of people driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and drugs. Like the Fourth of July and [...]

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Mistrials, Hung Juries, And Plea Bargains Defined

If you’re charged with any serious crime in the greater Seattle area, you should retain at once the advice and services of an experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney. In the state of Washington, like every other state, most defendants charged with a crime never actually have their case heard by a jury. Instead, most criminal [...]

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