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Surviving child abuse victims tell us that the results of child abuse are always catastrophic and devastating. Thus, Washington state simply does not tolerate the abuse of children. If you or someone you know is charged with child molestation in the greater Seattle area, speak at once with experienced Seattle sex crimes attorney Kevin Trombold. With more than 20 years of experience representing defendants accused of child abuse, Seattle defense attorney Kevin Trombold knows about the fear and anxiety that accompanies cases of child abuse, and he understands how seriously a physical youngster abuse conviction will damage your life, your family, and your future.


Certain authority figures are required by law to report signs of youngster abuse. These authority figures include:

  • Medical practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Social service workers
  • Psychologists
  • Medical examiners
  • Pharmacists
  • School officials/teachers
  • Child care providers
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Juvenile probation officers
  • Corrections employees
  • Placement and liaison specialists
  • Any adult who is residing with the child who they suspect is being abused or neglected

Although these authority figures may have the best intentions, they often report child abuse when it doesn’t really exist. These authority figures could misinterpret something that they see and hear, and overreact to play it safe. If these officials knew about child abuse but never reported it, they could face gross misdemeanor charges. If someone you know has been charged with child abuse or child molestation, contact an experienced Seattle youngster molestation attorney at the Law Offices of Kevin Trombold.


In the state of Washington, the definition of “child sexual abuse” includes sexual conduct with anyone unable to consent due to being under the age of consent; it also means physical youngster abuse for the purpose of sexual gratification. A conviction for any abuse of children can mean a lengthy prison sentence and lifetime sex offender registration. If you work in a position where you have to interact with children, you may be forced to take leave with or without pay. It may be hard for you to find employment with another employer who is hesitant about hiring someone with a youngster molestation charge on their record. Even worse, the media may hear about your case and blast your mug shot and the accusations against you on the news for the world to hear.

Experienced Seattle youngster molestation attorney Kevin Trombold knows that child molestation accusations can be fabricated and that law enforcement officers and prosecutors can be overly enthusiastic about prosecuting youngster molestation suspects. Research has shown that children are highly impressionable. It’s hard for law enforcement officers to walk the line between asking questions about what happened and making suggestions about what could have happened. When law enforcement crosses this line, they may plant stories in the child’s mind that could lead to you being convicted for a crime that you did not commit. Act to protect yourself if you are suspected or charged with child molestation anywhere in the greater Seattle area. Don’t hesitate to call the Law Offices of Kevin Trombold.


In Washington, anyone may report signs of youngster abuse or molestation to Child Protective Services. Reports can either be made over the phone or in person. Those who have a duty to report any signs of youngster abuse should report their concerns within 48 hours after discovery. Once the report has been filed with Child Protective Services, this agency has a duty to alert the police of any possible youngster abuse cases immediately. If the child is in immediate danger, the agency must alert the police within 24 hours, otherwise they have up to 72 hours to file a formal report with law enforcement.

Then, law enforcement begins to conduct a formal investigation against the person or persons who are accused of abusing a child. At the same time, Child Protective Services looks into the family situation at home to make sure that the youngster is not in immediate danger. If at any time, a child is believed to be in danger, the child can be removed from the home by the police and placed with a relative or in foster care. This temporary placement can only last for 72 hours unless law enforcement has obtained a court order to extend it.

If the police determine that youngster abuse did in fact occur, they will launch a criminal case against the accused while Child Protective Services launches a family assessment. The assessment will include family weaknesses, strengths and opportunities and create a plan to better the situation at home. In extreme cases, the agency may recommend at a court hearing that the youngster be removed from the home permanently.

During an investigation, the police may try to talk to you or ask you questions about your relationship with the child. The best advice that you will ever receive is to remain silent until you have a lawyer present during this questioning. If you are under investigation for child molestation or have already been arrested and charged, contact an experienced Seattle youngster molestation attorney as soon as possible. The consequences of being convicted are too severe for you to trust an inexperienced lawyer or public defender.

Seattle Child Molestation Attorney


A youngster molesting charge – or any accusation of childhood abuse – can ruin your reputation, which is why you can’t afford not to have a good lawyer by your side. Criminal defense attorney Kevin Trombold continuously wins not reduced charges, dismissals, and guilty verdicts, dismissals. If you receive a charge with a youngster abuse crime around the Seattle area, contact the Law Offices of Kevin Trombold by calling us 206-590-7667.