Everett DUI Lawyers

One moment you’re driving home, and the next moment, you find yourself performing field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. Within minutes, you’re being handcuffed, placed under arrest for driving under the influence. It may seem like a nightmare, but for countless drivers, this is their reality.

A DUI can be a transformative life experience; one that is both embarrassing and frightening. In fact, many people who are arrested for DUI are good people, without a criminal record. Some didn’t realize they’d consumed enough alcohol to exceed the legal limit, while others didn’t drink at all. In fact, some drivers are arrested for DUI after taking their prescription medications exactly as directed by a medical professional.

Regardless of how you landed in this situation, you need an experienced Everett DUI lawyer to help defend your case as it proceeds through the legal system. That’s where the Washington DUI lawyers at The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold, LLC can assist.

Founded by Attorney Kevin Trombold, a defense lawyer with over 20 years in practice, our law firm’s legal team will defend your case while striving to minimize the adverse impact from this challenging experience.

Our DUI defense lawyers handle a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony cases, including those involving additional charges, such as drug possession, hit and run or even vehicular homicide.

If you’re facing DUI charges, trust your case, your freedom and your future to The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold, LLC. We work with clients throughout Everett and the surrounding area, including Tacoma, King County, Pierce County or Snohomish County.

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Everett DUI Lawyers

Addressing Your Questions and Concerns Following an Everett DUI Arrest

It’s natural to have many questions and concerns, as a DUI can impact every aspect of your life, including your job, your finances, and your family. At The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold, we are firm believers that addressing your questions and concerns can serve to alleviate much of the stress and fear surrounding your case.

Our legal team has compiled information on a few of the most common concerns and questions that we address with our Everett DUI clients.

What is Washington’s Legal Limit for Drinking and Driving?

The State of Washington’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is .08% per 210 liters of breath. Notably, though, there are some instances where a driver with a lower BAC may be subject to arrest. This is the case for drivers under the legal drinking age of 21. These drivers are subject to a legal limit of .02%.

There is also a lower limit for commercial drivers who have a limit of .04%.

Washington’s DUI laws are per se laws. As such, the driver’s functional level of impairment matters little if the BAC meets or exceeds the legal limit. Therefore, even if you were to pass field sobriety tests, you could still be arrested based upon your BAC reading.

A driver with a high BAC of .15% or greater may be subject to more serious penalties. The same is true in other cases with aggravating circumstances, such as the presence of a child in the car.

Is it Illegal to Drive Under the Influence of Marijuana in Washington State?

In Washington, marijuana is now legal for recreational usage. But like alcohol, there are restrictions for driving after using marijuana.

A different type of chemical test may be administered and a driver may be arrested for DUI if their THC level exceeds 5 nanograms in a blood sample of 1 milliliter.

What Happens if I Refuse Testing?

Refusing testing can carry harsher penalties than an individual were to face if they were to submit to testing. The penalty for refusing a chemical test can include a fine of up to $5,000 and up to 364 days in jail, plus a two-year driver’s license suspension.

If you refused testing, it’s vital that you trust your case to an experienced Everett DUI lawyer who can attempt to minimize any adverse impact stemming from this refusal.

What Are the DUI Penalties in Washington?

Each DUI case is unique, and as such, the potential penalties can vary quite significantly. Therefore, it’s best to consult with our attorneys regarding the specifics of your case. Once we’re familiar with the facts of your case, we can offer a more accurate idea of the penalties.

The penalties for DUI may include monetary fines, mandatory enrollment in a court-ordered program, probation, jail time and license suspension or revocation.

Can You Be Arrested for DUI After Taking Prescription Drugs as Directed By Your Doctor?

Washington laws do allow for the arrest of a driver if an officer believes the driver could have taken a substance that impairs their driving ability. This includes drivers who operate a vehicle after taking prescription drugs that are known to impair driving abilities – even in cases where the medication is take as-directed by the physician.

Certain individuals, including seniors and individuals with chronic pain, tend to be targeted by this type of DUI arrest. Our experienced defense attorneys will work hard to minimize the consequences. Often, the involvement of prescription drug that was taken exactly as prescribed, can serve as a mitigating factor. This is especially true in cases where the driver has no prior record.

Will I Definitely Lose My License After a DUI?

A DUI conviction can lead to a license suspension of 90 days to four years. And while many do lose their driving privileges, this is not always the case, especially if you have an experienced Everett DUI lawyer representing you and your case.

Our legal team can help you seek out an administrative hearing before The Department of Licensing (DOL). The DOL is the agency that is involved with imposing any administrative penalties involving your driver’s license. If you act quickly, though, you can request a DOL administrative hearing to present a compelling argument in favor of retaining your license. The DOL charges a non-refundable $375 fee to request an administrative hearing. They do offer a fee waiver to some individuals.

Your DUI lawyer can help you to provide the DOL with information on the facts in your case in an attempt to clear you of any wrong-doing in the eyes of the Department of Licensing. Our legal team has assisted many clients to retain their driving privileges.

If the administrative hearing is not resolved favorably, you may opt to seek out a restricted driver’s license. Also known as an ignition interlock driver’s license, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device. This equipment administers BAC testing to the driver before the ignition will start the vehicle. Drivers are required to pay the fees for installing and maintaining the ignition interlock device. Drivers must also maintain SR-22 insurance.

Hire a Top Everett DUI Attorney for World-Class DUI Defense Services

A DUI can have far-reaching consequences that can literally impact every area of your life. In fact, some cases impact you and others for a lifetime, particularly in cases involving injury or worse. But our legal team is committed to representing you and defending your case. We believe in your right to a fair trial. In fact, many cases are resolved long before going to trial.

When you turn to an experienced Everett DUI defense lawyer, you will maximize your chances of seeing a favorable outcome to your case. We are committed to helping you get through this challenging time in your life by sorting through your legal issues.

The DUI defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold, LLC are available to discuss your case in a free, confidential consultation session. Call 206-382-9200.