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Drug use and abuse, including prescription drug abuse and drug addiction, continue to be major societal problems. Selling illegal drugs in the state of Washington is a significantly more serious crime than the mere possession of drugs or mere drug use. If you are convicted of the illegal sale of drugs in Washington, a prison term is likely, along with fines and other long-lasting consequences. That’s why, if you are charged with the sale of illegal drugs in the Seattle area, it’s imperative to call immediately and put your case in the hands of experienced Seattle drug crimes attorney Kevin Trombold. While the drug trafficking laws are always changing, attorney Kevin Trombold diligently stays up-to-date on the latest drug legislation and court rulings. For two decades, he has defended Seattle-area clients accused of drug felony charges, violating drug possession laws, and illegally selling drugs, and he’s ready to work on your behalf.


Law enforcement officers aggressively pursue those who are believed to be selling drugs in Washington state. The punishments for drug sale crimes can vary widely depending on the specific drug, the quantity, the amount of cash involved, the defendant’s criminal record, and a host of other factors. If weapons or minors were involved in a drug sale, a conviction can mean a quite lengthy prison sentence.

Controlled substances are divided into different schedules depending on the danger and type of each drug. Penalties for selling drugs also differ based on what schedule of drug it was that you were allegedly selling. If you are convicted of selling less than two kilograms of schedule I or II controlled substances, you may face a fine of up to $25,000 and up to ten years in prison. If the violation involved more than two kilograms, the penalties may increase to up to ten years in prison and a fine of $100,000 for the first two kilograms and $50 for each additional kilogram after that. For example, if you are found guilty of selling four kilograms, then you may face a fine of $100,100.

If you are convicted of selling any other controlled substance not classified as schedule I or II, then you may face a fine of up to $10,000 and up to five years in prison.

Although marijuana has been legalized in Washington, that does not mean that you can sell it unless you are legally permitted to do so. If you are convicted of illegally selling any amount of marijuana, you may face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. However, if you are convicted of illegally selling marijuana to a minor who is at least three years younger, you may face up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. An additional fee of $1,000 applies to first offenses and $2,000 for any conviction after the first.

Washington has labeled certain places as drug-free zones. If you are convicted of selling controlled substances within 1,000 feet of these areas, you may face double the fines or prison time than you would with a regular conviction. These protected areas include:

  • Schools
  • School bus stops
  • Public transit vehicle stop or waiting area
  • Public park
  • Public housing area that has been designated a drug-free zone
  • A civic center that has been designated as a drug-free zone

Likewise, you may also face double the fines or prison time if this is not your first conviction for selling controlled substances.

In some situations, you may also face federal charges and not just state charges. For example, if you are convicted of selling drugs on a military base or if you crossed over state or national borders while you were selling drugs, you could face federal charges in addition to the state charges against you. Federal charges almost always carry more severe consequences than state charges do, so this is nothing to take lightly.

The criminal consequences are not the only ones that you will face if you are convicted of selling drugs. After a conviction, it may be difficult to find employment, since employers will not want to take a chance on someone who has been previously convicted of selling controlled substances or marijuana. Landlords may not want to take a chance on someone who could use their housing to illegally sell drugs, so you may find it hard to secure a place to live, too. Friends and family could turn their backs on you after you are charged or convicted of selling drugs. These consequences extend far beyond any prison sentence and are much more personal.

If you are charged with the illegal sale of any drug, fight the charge with help from experienced Seattle drug sales attorney Kevin Trombold. He will first determine if the police violated your rights or broke any laws while they were investigating you and gathering evidence. He will cast doubt on the state’s case against you, or he will use another defense strategy that may be more appropriate in your specific case. Attorney Kevin Trombold’s two decades of criminal defense experience ensures that your legal rights will be protected and that your drug sale case will be brought to its best possible conclusion.

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In the greater Seattle area, if you are accused of selling an illegal drug, put experience to work for you. A drug sales charge can ruin your life unless you get the right help fast from the right criminal defense attorney. Experienced Seattle criminal defense attorney Kevin Trombold and his legal staff work swiftly and aggressively to investigate drug sale cases and to protect the rights of clients. With over twenty years of experience and a reputation for legal excellence respected by Seattle-area judges, prosecutors, and peers, defense attorney Kevin Trombold routinely wins not guilty verdicts, dismissals, and reduced charges. If you are charged with selling a drug illegally in or near the Seattle area, contact the Law Offices of Kevin Trombold by calling 206-249-9656 as quickly as possible for a no-cost initial consultation.