There is nothing more destructive than addiction. When addiction invades your world, most times rehab is completely necessary. Addiction is a disease that requires medical, physical, and emotional help. A life of sobriety is a lifelong battle that requires the proper tools. Rehab is where you get those tools.

So what exactly constitutes a “good” rehab center? According to drug crimes lawyers, what is right for one person is not always right for someone else. Here is what you should consider when you are deciding the best suited rehab facility for you and your family.

High Success Rate

Of course, the most important aspect of any rehab facility is the success rate. It does not matter how beautiful the place is or how much you like the schedule, therapists, or activities. If the people committed to the program do not come from rehab with the proper tools, training, and support system in place, then they will not succeed. If the patients fail in breaking the chains of addiction, the rehab is not “good.”

Four considerations are always present when a rehab center has a high success rate. They are:

  • Highly trained and skilled staff members
  • Benefits and features of the programs
    • This includes having options available for patients during recovery
  • Fair Pricing
    • Financial problems will deter patients from seeking help
    • Financial programs must be available for those who need it
    • Insurance accepted when applicable
  • Safe and clean environment
    • Patients cannot be concerned about the safety of their families when visiting and they must be able to focus on their recovery in comfort

Best Rated Rehab Facilities

Sunrise Centers

This state certified outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center is rated as the best in the city and one of the highest in the state. The programs are so detailed and customized to fit the lives of the families they serve. They have many resources available.

Lakeside – Milam Recovery Center

This is a top of the line facility. They have a wide range of programs which include inpatient, outpatient, long-term, educational programs and much more. They have many locations, highly qualified addiction specialists, and financial programs to help people get the treatment they need.

Thunderbird Treatment Center

This chemical dependency rehab center is provided by the Seattle Indian Health Board. At Thunderbird Treatment Center, they use modern medicine and traditional Indian medicine. The extensive programs include inpatient and outpatient schedule.

More facilities in Seattle to consider:

  • Swedish Addiction Recovery
  • ABHC Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Counseling
  • Residence XII
  • United Property Management Group
  • Associated Behavioral Health Care

There are many more, high-quality facilities. We encourage you to research the centers you are interested in contacting. You will find a facility that fits in with your family. While the recovery must be addressed to the person who is addicted, the behaviors that have enabled the patient must be changed if they are to succeed in recovery. Issues of co-dependency and abuse must be dealt with accordingly.

For more information, speak to a drug crimes lawyer.