What Should I Do When Defending Myself Against Domestic Violence Charges?

Domestic violence charges are severe and can have life-altering consequences upon being convicted. You must develop a solid defense strategy to protect your rights and possibly have the charges dropped or the penalties reduced. Additionally, you must follow various precautions to minimize the risk of the accusations becoming more complex.

A skilled Seattle criminal justice attorney gives insights into what you should or should not do when faced with domestic violence charges. They can help you navigate the complex legal process and enhance your chances of a favorable outcome:

Don’t Violate a No-Contact Order if Issued

Once your accuser reports the alleged domestic violence against you, a no-contact protection order may be issued. Ensure you adhere to the order and don’t violate the terms to avoid severe repercussions. The District Attorney could file additional charges, making your case further complicated.

Avoid Contacting the Victim Through a Third-Party

You might think that contacting your accuser through a third party isn’t a violation of the no-contact order, but this is not true. A no-contact order means not trying to get in touch with the victim whatsoever.

Trying to do so through another person violates the terms. However, you may be able to seek a modification of the order through a Seattle domestic violence law firm.

Avoid Using Drugs or Alcohol

Alcohol and drug abuse are significant contributors to domestic violence. You may think that using them gives you solace, but they may only complicate your case. You must remain sober and above their influence during your trial. Besides, seeking help from professional groups could show a positive approach to the situation, facilitating a positive outcome.

Don’t Try to Represent or Defend Yourself

Prosecutors can make your case more difficult if you don’t have the legal representation of a reputable domestic violence law firm in Seattle. The court will hold you to the same standards as any attorney and won’t give you special treatment when you represent yourself. You’ll have a hard time if you don’t understand the legal terms and how the system works.

Having knowledgeable lawyers from a domestic violence law firm in Seattle can enhance your chances of beating the charges. They can protect you from pleading guilty to charges you shouldn’t, waiving rights you didn’t know you have, and stiff penalties, including possible jail time. Your lawyer can evaluate your case and create the most effective defense strategy.

What Are the Possible Defenses of a Domestic Violence Charge?

Once your case is in the hands of knowledgeable lawyers, they can determine the best defense strategy that is likely to help you win the case. Common defenses to domestic violence charges include the following:

False Allegations

When the police receive domestic violence reports and have reasonable grounds supporting the claim, they are obliged to make arrests to protect the alleged victim. The arrest marks the beginning of a sequence of events that make it seem like you’re being treated like a criminal, but it doesn’t mean you’re guilty.

Your lawyers can evaluate the case specifics and look for evidence that shows the charges were laid in error or your actions were misinterpreted. They may call witnesses who can testify in your favor to prove your innocence. There also could be text messages or social media posts that show that your accuser fabricated the allegations.


Self-defense is a common justification in domestic violence cases. If you committed an act of violence to protect yourself or a family member, such as a child or an older family member, you could be found innocent. Your lawyer can help you plead your innocence if your accuser was the initial attacker and you believe there was an imminent threat of injury.

It Was an Accident

This defense strategy means you don’t deny you attacked the victim, but the act was unintentional. Your Seattle domestic violence lawyers will investigate the consistency of your story and re-enact the incident to confirm the statement’s consistency.

For example, if you claim that you accidentally hit your accuser with a hammer while doing some repairs, your legal team will check for repairs in the house. They will also find out where the victim was during the accident and whether other possible weapons were at the scene.

Investigative or Procedural Errors by the Police

Your lawyer can check for errors in the police report and procedures during investigations. Aggressive lawyers can prove the following police misconduct depending on how they handled you in the inquiry:

  • Interrogating you while in custody without recording your statement
  • Not adequately describing the incident
  • Not questioning eyewitnesses
  • Not listening to your side of the story about the events before arresting you
  • Denying your request for a criminal defense lawyer
  • Searching without a warrant
  • Not reading your Miranda rights


How successful you are in your case depends on your communication level with your Seattle domestic violence lawyers. Ensure you remain truthful and open with all the details about the domestic violence charge. Withholding crucial information is a risk that could see you lose your rights and freedom.

Defend Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges in Seattle

Domestic violence cases are never easy, and you should defend yourself with all it takes. The best way to enhance a favorable outcome is to have aggressive lawyers from a Seattle domestic violence law firm by your side. They can review your case and provide legal counsel on your defense options.

Our criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to fighting for your rights during this challenging time. We have a superb reputation for developing solid defense strategies for clients facing criminal charges. Let us fight on your behalf to protect your rights, freedom, and future. Call The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold at 206-590-7667 to get the help you need.