What is the Outcome of a DUI Charge?

The consequences of a DUI charge can be life-altering, especially if you’re sentenced to incarceration for the offense. The judge may also impose hefty fines that put a dent in your finances.

Given the uncertainty of the outcome and with so much at stake, you should consider hiring skilled Seattle criminal justice attorneys to defend you against the charges. Whether it’s your first or subsequent DUI charge, there are several advantages to hiring a skilled legal professional to help you beat the charges.

In-depth Knowledge and Understanding of DUI Laws

Lawyers specializing in DUI cases dedicate their time to widening their knowledge in this area of law. Their experience also gives them extensive knowledge and understanding of DUI laws, which they can use to get you a favorable outcome in your case. They are aware of recent rulings and developments in the law and can better understand how your case may play out.

Given their knowledge, skills, and expertise, they can guide you through the complex legal nuances around your specific DUI case. The expertise of Seattle DUI lawyers is the pillar you need to help you get through your case.

They Can Help You Decide Whether to Accept a Plea Bargain

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the prosecutor may offer you a plea bargain. The option means you would be willing to accept a guilty verdict in exchange for reduced charges or penalties. While it could be a favorable option if you’re guilty or the evidence is glaring, you may not want to enter plea bargaining alone.

DUI lawyers in Seattle are best positioned to advise you whether to accept the offer. They will walk you through the risks involved and what to expect if you accept or reject the bargain. Whichever choice you make, your lawyers will know how to present your arguments so that the outcome is favorable, for example, being granted a reduced plea.

They Can Fight to Have Your Sentence Reduced

The penalties for a DUI conviction are stiff, with mandatory minimum jail time for each conviction:

  • 1-365 days for a first DUI offense without prior offenses within the past seven years
  • 30-365 days for one previous offense within the past seven years
  • 90-365 days for two or more previous violations within the past seven years

Other penalties include:

  • Fines.
  • Revocation of your driver’s license.
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device.
  • Enrollment into an alcohol and drug treatment program.

Incarceration can adversely affect your future and impact your ability to get employment. The penalties get harsher if you have several DUIs stacked up. Skilled DUI defense lawyers in Seattle can fight to get you less stiff penalties, especially if it’s your first DUI offense.

They Can Help You Get Your License Back

The chances are high that you could get your driver’s license revoked depending on the severity and number of your DUI charges. The length of the suspension depends on the number of convictions you’ve had in the past. License revocation can have lasting repercussions, primarily if you rely on your car to get to and from your job or drive your children to school.

Seattle DUI attorneys could fight to have the charges reduced so that your license is not revoked in the first place. If the license is suspended, they can walk you through the process of reinstating it as early as possible to help you get back on the road.

Can Spot Weaknesses in the Case Against You

DUI cases often prevail on subjective evidence. That means the evidence the prosecutor brings to court must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were guilty of driving under the influence.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys in Seattle can examine the facts and evidence and carefully evaluate them for inconsistencies or weaknesses to water down the accusations.

For example, they could argue that:

  • The police didn’t have a probable cause to arrest you
  • The police overlooked legal procedures such as reading you your Miranda rights before arresting you
  • The breathalyzer test results were inaccurate, are arguable, and tainted with doubt

They could also gather evidence to contradict the accusations to create reasonable doubt. The effectiveness of experienced lawyers could lead to the dismissal of the case or reduction of the charges.

Reduce the Time and Money Spent on Your Case

If you work with skilled DUI attorneys in Washington, it will likely take less time to determine the case’s outcome. Since the lawyers represent you, they can ensure you’re only in court when you must be there. That can save you valuable time to engage in other daily activities.

While criminal defense attorneys don’t work on your case for free, having them by your side can significantly reduce the cost of your trial. If they can successfully have your case dismissed, it can save you thousands of dollars in hefty fines and other penalties.

An Experienced DUI Attorney Making Your DUI Case Less Stressful

Any type of court case can be stressful. However, DUI cases can be highly stressful since they have more severe consequences. Having skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyers by your side can give you confidence by knowing they can fight for a favorable outcome and shield you from the complexities of the legal system.

At The Law Offices of Kevin Trombold, we have aggressive DUI attorneys who can help you with your case. We understand the legal system and how it works, and when it comes to negotiating reduced sentences, we know what to do. We could also help you erase your DUI record to protect your rights and future. Call us at 206-590-7667 to schedule a FREE case evaluation.