Everyone knows that Starbucks began in the city of Seattle. Starbucks was not the only coffee roasters in Seattle, but at the time of their rise to fame, they were considered the best. Today, many coffee roasters are acclaimed in the coffee industry around the world. Let’s review a few of the favorite coffee cafes the locals love. If anyone knows good coffee, it is the lovely city of Seattle, WA!



Bedlam is one of the original coffee shops in the downtown area. This is not a hipster hang-out. This is just great coffee and espresso, pie and toast, and a relaxing home type environment. Sink into a comfy couch and relax. There is even a piano for an at home feel.


This is a cool place in an industrial-chic setting. Delicious coffee right at the Amtrak Station.

Capitol Hill

Vivace’s Sidewalk Bar

If you are in the Capitol Hill area, stop by Vivace’s Sidewalk Bar has wonderful specialty coffee. This is where latte art began. This is a special treat you can only find in Seattle.

Other great coffee shops in Capitol Hill

  • Joe’s Bar
  • Victrola Cafe
  • Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe
  • Little Oddfellows

Beacon Hill

The Station

The Station is a neighborhood favorite. They have great coffee and a pretty good menu. You get cheap refills (which rarely happens in Seattle) and a casual and dog-friendly environment.

Central District


This is the place to go if you want to stay a while. Parents love the play room in the back where kids can have some fun with other children. There are plenty of outlets and great Wi-Fi service.

QED Coffee is known for their 14-hour cold brew.


This list wouldn’t be complete without Seattle’s most famous coffee, Starbucks. You can expect great coffee from Starbucks on 23rd. The place is always hopping, and the staff is fun and friendly.

U-District, Roosevelt, Wallingford, & Fremont

Here are a few more coffee shops that are considered Seattle’s best.

  • Cafe Allegro – Seattle’s Oldest Coffee Shop
  • Cafe Racer – good coffee, live music and comedy shows (check location for dates)
  • Zoka – dim lights, lots of folks with laptops and get a basic cup of coffee or a special mix of your liking.

Also, try:

  • Milstead & Company
  • Cupcake Royale and Verite
  • Cafe Besalu
  • Honore Artisan Bakery

There are many coffee shops in the city of Seattle that we have not had room to list. There are very chic and elegant formal coffee rooms, places to hang-out with friends, or just places where you can plug-in and rent a table for the price of a cup of coffee.

Seattle is ripe with coffee roasters, and you can buy these delicious brews to take home or even online. If you love coffee, you will love Seattle.

Note: Though it is not technically a coffee shop, stop by Columbia City Bakery in Columbia City for some great Herkimer.