If you’ve never heard of Fentanyl then you should know it is a prescription drug that is recommended for the treatment of severe pain. It is considered to be one of the deadliest drugs in America because it is highly addictive. It is no surprise that prosecutors in Washington are advocating for heavy penalties for drug crimes involving fentanyl. That is why you should be looking for Seattle criminal defense lawyer if you ever find yourself in the murky waters of a drug crime.

Drug crime involving fentanyl will include possession and distribution regardless of the form. If you ever get involved in such a crime, it is important that you get the right legal representation as you could be facing serious criminal charges.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl can be described as a strong synthetic opioid that is identical to morphine but could be 100 times more potent. Even though it is a prescription drug, it is also made and sold illegally in the black market. It is classified under the Schedule II drug under the Uniform Controlled Substance Act. This means it is in the same league as Vicodin, Oxycodone, and heroin. The medical fentanyl was primarily developed for cancer patients in order to alleviate pain. The drug could also be prescribed for non-cancer patients who are suffering from chronic pain.

Fentanyl Charges

The drug is highly addictive and dangerous and could also lead to serious health implications if it is abused. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fentanyl is responsible for more deaths in the United States compared to any other drug. A public safety alert was issued regarding fentanyl in 2016. In the streets, the drug is also referred to as:

        China girl


        China Town

        Dance Fever


        Great Bear


How Do People Use Fentanyl?

If it is prescribed by a doctor, the drug can be administered as a shot using a patch on the skin. The illegal use and overdose are usually associated with lab-made fentanyl. The illegal synthetic fentanyl is sold as a powder or could be sold as a prescription pill that looks like other opioids. There are some drug dealers who are mixing fentanyl with other drugs which can be very dangerous to the person who consumes it. The reason for the mixing is because it doesn’t take a lot to produce a high with fentanyl.

How Fentanyl Affects the Brain

Just like most addictive drugs, fentanyl works by influencing the body’s opioid receptors. Such receptors are usually found in areas of the brain that control emotion and pain. The brain quickly adapts to the drug after taking it for a long time. It will be hard for the addict to get any meaningful pleasure if they are not using the drug.

Use Of Fentanyl

You can overdose with fentanyl which can have serious health implications. The overdose will lead to problems with breathing. The amount of oxygen reaching the brain is limited and you could enter into a comma, and worse suffer from permanent brain damage.

The high risk of fentanyl when it comes to addiction significantly increases the risk of an overdose. It is easy to underestimate the dose you’re taking as the effects don’t kick in immediately.

The drug is highly addictive and you will find it hard to stop once you get started. You will also experience severe withdrawal symptoms once you stop using fentanyl. Some of the symptoms include:

        Sleep disorders

        Muscle and bone pain

        Severe cravings

        Goosebumps and cold flashes

        Vomiting and diarrhea

        Uncontrollable muscle movement

It is important that you seek medical attention if you’re trying to quit in order to manage the withdrawal symptoms. Just like with most addictions, behavioral therapies, and medication has shown to be effective in treatment. Cognitive management has shown to have tremendous improvement when it comes to opioid addiction and the same techniques can be employed when treating fentanyl addiction.

What Does the Law Say About Fentanyl in Washington?

Given its addictive nature, prosecutors in Washington are aggressive and ruthless when it comes to convicting crimes involving fentanyl. The charges you’re likely to face will include:


        Possession with an intent to distribute


You could also face criminal charges if you obtain fentanyl via fraud or illegal means.

When it comes to the consequences, you could be facing years in jail time and thousands of dollars in court fines and penalties. The severity of the punishment can be determined by:

        The amount involved

        The criminal history of the defendant

        The age of the defendant

You could also be charged at the federal level in addition to the state level. This is particularly true when large amounts of fentanyl are involved. The exporting and importing of the drug is mostly handled at the federal level. Just like the state level, criminal charges at the federal level might include extensive jail time.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Any criminal case involving illegal drugs should not be taken lightly and fentanyl is no exception. You could be facing years in jail and heavy fines should you be found guilty of the crime. If you’re in Washington, you will need to look for an experienced criminal attorney who is experienced in handling drugs cases.

A skilled attorney will know the best defense to choose after analyzing the merits of your case. This may require that a thorough investigation is done on the circumstances of your case without leaving anything to chance. The Fentanyl at the Law Offices is knowledgeable when it comes to state laws regarding the drug. There are some grey areas that might give you leverage as far as the defense is concerned but only a good attorney can take advantage. We understand that addiction is a serious problem and everyone has challenges. You should reach out to us if you’re looking for experienced and compassionate attorneys for your criminal case. Contact us to get real help and if you’re looking for a criminal attorney that you can trust.