Why Is Auto Theft On The Rise In Seattle?

From the insurance industry’s point of view, the state of Washington has long been a hotbed for auto thieves. Seattle and Spokane are routinely listed among the nation’s top ten cities for car thefts. In October, the police in Renton told KOMO News that more than 8,800 auto thefts have been reported in King County [...]

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The Wonderful Parks Of Seattle

The city of Seattle is a beautiful part of our nation. Our ancestors knew the value of open space, natural lands where wildlife can thrive, and gathering places for friends and family to form a strong community. This concept is one we protect today. The city of Seattle is well known for its beautiful parks [...]

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The Best Drug Rehab Facilities In Seattle

There is nothing more destructive than addiction. When addiction invades your world, most times rehab is completely necessary. Addiction is a disease that requires medical, physical, and emotional help. A life of sobriety is a lifelong battle that requires the proper tools. Rehab is where you get those tools. So what exactly constitutes a “good” [...]

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Best Restaurants in Seattle

Have you ever noticed, you can ask six people who love Seattle where the best restaurant is, and you will get six different answers? That is because Seattle is a diner's paradise. There are so many enjoyable places to eat and such a diverse group of cultures, ethnicities, styles, and themes that everyone seems to [...]

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Best Brunch Spots In Seattle

Stoneburner Stoneburner is considered one of the city of Seattle’s essential brunch restaurants. Their brunch menus offer great egg dishes, breakfast pizza and almost an entire menu of traditional dinner selections. The restaurant features a beautiful contemporary look, and they accept breakfast reservations. Stoneburner serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 [...]

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What Is Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is a major problem around the globe that sex crimes lawyers deal with every day. While it is often not reported, it happens in almost every society. Cyberstalking is using electronic communications (the internet) to harass and frighten people. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking overlap, so we will touch on both today. This can be in [...]

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Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help With Domestic Violence?

According to domestic violence attorneys, there have been numerous studies that show that a person who is violent against other people, or society in general, they may have learned that behavior. Throughout these individual’s lives, they have been subconsciously trained to react to certain emotions and situations with violence, but this is not only due [...]

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Best Coffee In Seattle

Everyone knows that Starbucks began in the city of Seattle. Starbucks was not the only coffee roasters in Seattle, but at the time of their rise to fame, they were considered the best. Today, many coffee roasters are acclaimed in the coffee industry around the world. Let’s review a few of the favorite coffee cafes [...]

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Homeopathic Remedies For Drug Addiction

No one chooses to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Often it starts innocently. But your body begins to crave more. Soon you realize you are addicted and stand to lose everything. You may even lose your life. There various ways to get off drugs and alcohol and to control this condition. But, getting over [...]

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Great Museums In Seattle

The city of Seattle is well known for their four major art museums; Frye Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, and the Seattle Asian Art Museum. But, this is not even close to all there is in this diverse city. There are over 100 art galleries in the city of Seattle and dozens [...]

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